Jason Brown | Producer

A graduate of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Jason is an Art Director working in advertising, film and television. Following a successful freelance career, he formed Glasgow based design consultancy, Greenlight Creative, which provides a full range of services to the arts. In addition to working on numerous award-winning TV and film productions, Greenlight Creative also now has a diverse slate of film projects, each reflecting Greenlight’s unique creative approach to the moving image.

“TAM is my first big project as a producer and although a very ambitious piece, it proved to be a highly rewarding experience throughout each stage of the film’s production process. What started off with a small group of talented cast and crew, soon became a big family full of great ideas and approaches to get the very best for the film. It was great having the opportunity of visualising Tam’s world through graphics and 3D animation, and Glasgow provides a fantastic inspiring backdrop to help achieve that.”