‘TAM’ is a dark, witty
tale┬ábased on Robert Burns’
‘Tam O’Shanter’.

After a night of drug-fuelled partying with Dealer Johnny (Gavin Mitchell), the likeable but misguided Tam (Martin Docherty) sets off into the storm, ignoring the advice of his long-suffering partner, Kate (Sharon Osdin).

Tam quickly descends into a disturbing hallucinogenic trip which reveals the darkest recesses of his psyche; a world inhabited by ghosts, demons, and even Satan himself (David Ferns), as well as the infamous and bewitching Cutty Sark (Ley Les Rouge). Tam is forced to face his metaphorical demons and question his priorities.

A backdrop of striking visuals and the diverse locations of Glasgow are accompanied by a completely updated colloquial Scots re-write of the original poem, perfectly capturing the dark humour of Scottish storytelling, and narrated by the beautiful, gritty voice of Anne-Marie Timoney which accompanies the viewer throughout.

Running time 15 mins. Contains strong language and some scenes which some viewers may find offensive.